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With over 20 years of forestry & tree surgery experience, we provide competitive, professional & reliable tree service. We serve Whitby, the Esk Valley & the North Yorkshire Moors national park.

Tree Felling & Dismantling

When a tree is dead, dying or in a dangerous condition, causing structural damage or obstructing a new development, removal is often the only option. If the tree cannot be felled, then our staff have the experience, equipment and expertise to climb & dismantle them safely, using specialised rigging techniques.

Tree Pruning

By carefully assessing each tree individually, we will recommend the best solution to solve your problem or issues. Be that to enhance appearance, bringing in more light to a property or garden, safety or deadwood removal, clearance from a building or highway, or just to improve a view. We work to the British standard for treework BS3998;2010

Storm Damage

Storm damaged trees can be the most dangerous & difficult to manage, sometimes requiring immediate attention. Over many years of dealing with such trees, we have developed the specialised techniques and skills to deal with these problems safely and efficiently.


From a single feature tree in a garden, complex planting schemes or commemorative trees, we are always happy to help and advise on species choice and location. We are passionate about planting trees for present and future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Woodland Management

Offering a range of management solutions for small woodlands, we augment traditional management strategies with those dedicated to the enrichment of habitat and biodiversity. On sensitive sites, our low impact approach helps minimise damage when extracting the felled timber.

LOLER Inspections

We have been carrying out thorough inspections of climbing and rigging equipment for over 10 years, actively helping and advising our clients on the best ways of staying compliant within the PUWER legislations. It isn't expensive to stay compliant and look after your workers (and yourself!), give us a call, we love to meet others in the industry.

Tree surgeons for the North York Moors, Whitby and the Esk Valley

We work widely throughout the U.K. (having worked previously in Eire, France, Australia and the USA). This map shows our tree surgeons’ standard day to day coverage area, however, if you are outside of this area, give us a call, and we can discuss your requirements and offer our advise and assistance.


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